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Groin Guard Red Oak Bokken Adidas Elbow Guards Padded Reversible
Muay Thai Boxing Liniment - 120ml Bad Boy Sphere Compression Sleeves - Black/Grey Black Groin Guard
Black groin guard. Great for Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA. Light groin gruard with elastic waist band. Light and durable, not bulky or uncomfortable. All you need for groin protection.
Size guide
XS - Kids size up to 11 years, S - 28" waist, M 32" waist, L 36" waist, XL 40" waist
Black Boxing Shorts Telescopic Chrome Nunchaku 2 Strike Canvas Wall Bag
Black boxing shorts. Made of black satin, these shorts are light and comfortable.  Great for boxing, Kick/Thai boxing.
Shinai The Gloves MMA Gloves The Gloves MMA Gloves Blue
adidas Men's PU Groin Guard Twins Red-Silver Muaythai Shorts MMA Shin Leather Shin Guards
The Gloves Thai Shin Pads The Gloves Thai Pads Coach XL Body Protector
The Gloves Thai Shin Pads. High quality cow hide leather shin and instep pads.  Can be used for Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA.  High durable pads with a nice slim feel, not too bulky.  Velcro fastening straps and elasticaed foot strap.
adidas Combat Grappling Dummy