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Speed Rope H2P Lifting Straps Lifting Straps
Wrist Support Gym Gloves LP Support Ice Bag
Gym Gloves
Gym Gloves with Wrist Support LP Support Knee Support Muay Thai Boxing Liniment - 120ml
Bad Boy Sphere Compression Sleeves - Black/Grey LP Support Power Sleeve Wire Skipping Rope
Black groin guard. Great for Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA. Light groin gruard with elastic waist band. Light and durable, not bulky or uncomfortable. All you need for groin protection.
Size guide
XS - Kids size up to 11 years, S - 28" waist, M 32" waist, L 36" waist, XL 40" waist
Lace Converters!
These are leather straps that attach to lace up gloves and make them into velcro gloves. Just simply lace the strap into the glove and then you can do away with lacing up your gloves. This is a really great accessory if you like the tight fit of lace up gloves but find it difficult to put them on when you are working out alone. Leather velcro strap is durable and creates a tight comfortable fitting on the wrist.
LP Support Hinged Knee Stabilizer The Gloves Comp Style Head Guard Lace The Gloves Comp Style Head Guard Strap
The Gloves Thai Shin Pads The Gloves Paddles Leather Speedball
The Gloves Paddles
The Gloves Thai Shin Pads. High quality cow hide leather shin and instep pads.  Can be used for Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA.  High durable pads with a nice slim feel, not too bulky.  Velcro fastening straps and elasticaed foot strap. Leather paddles (Pair).  Can be used by beginners to advanced athletes. These mid sized paddles offer a high-density punching surface, perfectly designed to combine speed, power and accuracy. Length 40cms and width of paddle head is 19cm.  Wrist loops included so the paddles stay on wrists.
adidas Drehkraft IronGreySilver Weight Lifting Shoe The Gloves 3 Foot Punch Bag adidas Combat Grappling Dummy
Boa Closure System - Industry-proven, micro-adjusting system for ultimate, consistent foot hold
Heel Support - ‘Heel Support’ design focuses on an integral rearfoot for superb lightweight stability
WeightliftWedge - Specifically-configured heel height for Olympic snatch and clean and jerk disciplines
Die-cut Wedge - Weightlifting-engineered, high density die-cut midsole wedge offers lightweight stability
Welded 3 Stripes - Flexible, welded 3 Stripes for lightweight, durable support
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